Download the crustal models from Guerri et al. [2015].


Modelling Earth's surface topography: decomposition of the static and dynamic components: seminar at Universita Roma 3, April 2016.

Seismic velocities - density relationship for the Earth's crust: effects of chemical compositions, amount of water and implications on topography: presentation at EGU 2014.

ITHERC: Integrated, multi-scale, thermo-chemical modeling of the crust and lithospheric mantle. Poster for IGRM 2017.


SynTeX, my platform to invert seismic compressional and shear wave velocities in temperature and composition, is now able to invert also receiver functions Vp/Vs models. Some preliminary results were presented at IGRM 2017 (get the poster here). I am currently working on a fully parallelized version of the code. The software will be soon available on my GitHub account.